Blog Post #1 Design and Rationale

(see Lydia’s post for the second picture of phet circuit) We chose the parallel circuit for the bedroom because we were thinking it’d be better to do that because if you, for example,¬†want your lamp on but not your actual bedroom light a parallel circuit would be really useful. Also, we thought it’d be useful because you spend a big majority of the time in your bedroom so if one of your bedroom lights burns out or breaks you still have the other one. We chose a series circuit for the bathrooms because usually, you aren’t in there for a very long time, so it isn’t as crucial to have bright lights. As well as that we thought it’d be better to have a series circuit in the bathroom because there’s only one light so if it breaks you know that it’s that bulb whereas if there were multiple you would have to check all of them until you found the broken bulb.

We chose to have a parallel circuit in the kitchen because usually, kitchens need multiple lights for good lighting and it’s better to use a parallel circuit because if one breaks the others will be fine. For the bathroom near the kitchen (picture of bathrooms circuit couldn’t upload), we chose to do a series circuit because the bathrooms small we didn’t think it would need as much light so we used a series circuit with 2 bulbs instead of a parallel circuit with 2 bulbs.

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