The Engineering Design Process: Creating & Designing My Solution. Problems and issues.

After taking time to make a drawing and model of my project I have ran into a couple of issues. My design to large and I am not able to close my door. This is an issue I have to fix. I will do this by moving the placement of the model to just outside the door around the frame and baseboards.

I have also noticed that my design is sort of ugly. I will fix this by adding colour and maybe changing the design slightly. I would love for this to be an appealing design and a sight for sore eyes in a way.

Besides those two issues, I haven’t ran into any more problems which is great. All I have to do to now is start coding and I will almost be done:)

The Engineering Design Process: Creating & Designing My Solution

My idea for my Microbit Project is to create a device that will remind me to turn off my lights when I leave my room. This something that I ALWAYS forget to do and has become somewhat of an issue. My parents usually get really frustrated with me when I do this. That is why I would like to solve this problem.

I would like to build a sensor with Microbits that beep every time it senses something. It will be attached to velcro so that I can move it and it is not permanently screwed into the wall. This will also make it easier to move or adjust it to anywhere in your house.  Also I would like for the sound that plays when someone walks past is a pleasant sound not an annoying one because after a while I am sure that it will get very annoying.

Digital Foot print.\

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