Reflection on media fluency

What is the underlying message in the video?

The underlaying message in this video is to think about others and help those in need.

What emotion/action/outcome was this message meant to cause?

This message was meant to cause happiness and thankfulness.

Where is the opinion or bias in this message, if any?

I don’t think there is any bias or opinion because everything that was done was for the benefit of someone else therefore not taking sides.

What about the medium (in this case video) is effective for its purpose?

The medium is effective because it better shows the emotions for scenes to really get a feel on how the book would be as if real life.

What about the medium (in this case video) is ineffective for its purpose?

The medium is ineffective because it takes up plenty of time and you must edit as well.

Is there any other medium (technology platform) that would be effective for this project?

I think that youtube would be a suitable platform for this project considering it is a video and it could gain many views and others would learn to treat others better.

Blog Post #3 – Tour of the completed house

  1. In my groups house; we tried to keep it simple but easy to identify our circuits. We used materials from home to make furniture/decorations to add appeal.
  2. a) This project demonstrated my strengths and growths in the communication competency by being able to work with others. In this project I had to work with two others from my class; each contributing to one part of the project. Some times we would get frustrated when circuits did not work, but we tried to help each other. I was lucky enough to have two partners that I could easily talk to, and get along with. I might further my communication competency by expressing my ideas more when working in a group.

b) This project demonstrated my strengths and growths in the thinking competencies by        allowing me to be creative while making designs. I had to think about the ways circuits were built, instead of just putting materials together. I might further my thinking competencies by being more experimental with the circuits and/or adding more detail to the house

c) This project demonstrated my strengths and growths in the personal and social competencies by sharing ideas with group members. Since this was a groups project, each member had to share and agree on ideas before constructing anything. It showed personal growth by making sure everything was proper. I am somewhat a perfectionist so I wanted to make sure everything was right. I might further my personal and social competencies by getting things done quicker/starting things earlier or be more of a leader.


Blog post # 2- The Building Process

Day 1- Today we gathered materials to build our electric house. We created the rooms and picked appropriate materials to build the according circuits. Each member of the group picked a circuit to create. Next class we are hoping to get at least one circuit working.


Day 2-  Today we made our circuits, making sure they work. We made a total of three circuits; one series, one parallel, and one combination. We got very frustrated when the circuits did not work but we figured it out in the end. The combination circuit was the hardest to make; including a switch, having two bulbs in series and in parallel. Next class we would like to make our house more presentable by adding decorations/colour.

Day 3- Today we mainly focused on making our electric house look nice and making sure each room resembles what its supposed to be. Next class we would like to finish our house without frustrations.

Day 4- Today we completed our electric house by putting each circuit in the assigned rooms. We did one last test to see if they worked.