Absolutely True Diary Video – Breena, Isaac, Zackary

This is a video created and directed based on a scene from the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, by Sherman Alexie.

19 thoughts on “Absolutely True Diary Video – Breena, Isaac, Zackary

  1. That was really good. Good technique. I like your effects. 10/10

  2. Very good editing, easy to understand and follow on. Keep it up 9/10!

  3. It was kind of hard to hear what was going on, there was a lot of wind in the background. The effects were really good and it was super funny. It was super engaging and interesting.

  4. The quality was really good and I liked how there was music in the background.

  5. Audio is great. Visuals worked really well! It was very interesting because of the quality of the video. Good job on your video.

  6. A) Audio throughout: There is some and background noise but your voices are clear.
    B) Visual quality & effects: Effects and visual quality are very good.
    C) Engagement; interesting, informative, entertaining: Engaging and interesting, background music makes the message a bit unclear.
    D) “Keep It Up’s” & “One to Grow on!”: Keep up the great filming and improve on avoiding background noise.


  7. Good Camera angles, Audio was pretty clear, It was funny and entertaining and it had background music which made it better. Keep up everything.

  8. A) The audio was fairly good throughout, although the music was off from the scenes for several parts.
    B) There was one very good visual effect, and the quality was good.
    C) It was an engaging video, very entertaining.
    D) Keep up the good acting, scenes and directing. But maybe change the music a bit, e.g. awkward silence or sad music when he admits he’s poor.

  9. The audio quality was okay, however, I really enjoyed your effects!
    Good job overall!

  10. The audio was very clear. The visual effect at the beginning was very cool. Easy to understand what is going on. Good job. 10/10

  11. The audio throughout the video was very good until the part where you went outside. The visual effects and quality we’re very good as well as the expression. Keep up the good work!


  12. -The audio was good throughout the entire scene
    -The visual quality and effects were very well done
    -It was engaging and entertaining to watch
    -I liked how you got everyone involved and that everyone had a part to say
    -There could have been a few more transitions

  13. The audio throughout their video was good we could hear them well. the visual quality was good we could see them well the quality was great. The effects were also well done in my opinion. The video was engaging to the audience and was interesting and informative. Keep it up, they could keep up the quality of the video. A one to grow on is maybe to make sure the audio is continuous throughout.

  14. This video is engaging and funny. The sound quality is good. The video quality and effect is really good. A keep it up is the quality of the video. A one to grow could make sure the audio is more consistent

  15. Very good video and audio quality. the video was also very entertaining and fun to watch.

  16. Thanks for posting English 9 video project. Your video is properly embedded and well edited.
    Good work!

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