Blog post # 2- The Building Process

Day 1- Today we gathered materials to build our electric house. We created the rooms and picked appropriate materials to build the according circuits. Each member of the group picked a circuit to create. Next class we are hoping to get at least one circuit working.


Day 2-  Today we made our circuits, making sure they work. We made a total of three circuits; one series, one parallel, and one combination. We got very frustrated when the circuits did not work but we figured it out in the end. The combination circuit was the hardest to make; including a switch, having two bulbs in series and in parallel. Next class we would like to make our house more presentable by adding decorations/colour.

Day 3- Today we mainly focused on making our electric house look nice and making sure each room resembles what its supposed to be. Next class we would like to finish our house without frustrations.

Day 4- Today we completed our electric house by putting each circuit in the assigned rooms. We did one last test to see if they worked.

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