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My name is Breena and I’ve been in French immersion since grade 6. One of my passions is photography. I’ve loved photography forever but I got my first DSLR camera just under a year ago. I like doing it because nobody else is going to be able to copy my photos and I get to add my own unique style to every photo I take. Some other things I like doing include volleyball, hiking, and running. I enjoy physical activities because afterwards I feel like I’ve done something good for myself and I feel energized, rather than icky and sore while laying around all day.


“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things.” -Albert Einstein


I picked this quote because having a goal pushes you to do more and work hard rather than focusing on people or things. Completing a goal leads to self satisfaction and joy.


A cool video you should watch

This video is important to me because it was from my last year of all-star cheerleading and one of the best. It was our two day competition in Orlando, Fl and we hit zero deductions both days (no mistakes). For my last year, I was on senior 3 and made very close friends throughout the year(s) of my cheerleading experience.


Pictures by me

I’m choosing three pictures that I like, and are important to me. I love photography and I’ve been able to take “professional” photos ever since I got my Nikon d5300. These pictures I took on a very fun road trip in the summer, photography is something I┬átake seriously and have fun doing.


I like this website because I can upload my favourite pictures and be in a contest at the same time. Many people use this website and my pictures reach people all over the world.



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  1. Hi Breena,

    You have done a good job customizing your page. The missing items in your post is a video (embedded). Please let me know once you revise the post so I can change your grade.
    Feel free to visit me at the tech center if you have any questions.

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