Red Convertible Response

In the short story “The Red Convertible” Lyman is a caring brother, carefree person and a hard worker. Lyman and Henry had a good relationship before Henry went to Vietnam. Lyman and Henry had a good relationship because they had both liked the red convertible and worked on it and went on a bunch of road trips in it. After Henry comes back from Vietnam Henry doesn’t pay much attention to the car so Lyman goes and messes up the car so Henry would pay more attention to it. Lyman wants Herny to pay attention to the car to keep his mind off his trauma. When the car gets repaired, they go outside in spring to take a family picture with it. Lyman remembers the picture clearly every time he passes the closet. At the beginning of the story Lyman is a very carefree person and towards the end he doesn’t go out in the car much.  When Henry and Lyman first bought the car they drove to Alaska, Spokane, Idaho, Montana, Columbus, Des Lacs, Bottineau County and then back home. Lyman and Henry pick up a girl on the side of the road and they said we’ll take you home. They end up driving to Alaska and stay there for-a season. In addition to being a caring brother and care-free man Lyman is still a hard working person. When Lyman was a child, he was the only kid that was allowed to be in the American Legion Hall because they must have trusted him. In addition, he sold spiritual bouquets that he got to take a percentage of the earnings. Another example of Lyman being a hard worker is that he got promoted quickly and became owner if Joliet’s café.  Overall, Lyman is a Very caring person to his brother Henry when he comes back from Vietnam, Carefree person before his brother left to the war and remains to be a hard worker throughout his life.