Final Blog Post – Project I’m Proud of This Year

I am proud of my English Final. I am proud of writing it because it was the best writing I’ve done in my life. I came into Charles Best with very bad writing skills but over the 1st semester it significantly improved.

Captain James Hernandez stared out at the sea. He is still marveled at its beauty, even though he has sailed well over half the world. The waves crashed against his ship, The Malevolence. The old paint chipping away with each upsurge of water. The clear blue water shimmered as the sun shined against it. A large wave splashed upon the deck. Curious, James went to investigate the port side. James, hobbling over to the side of the boat, looked for anything that could cause a splash that size. He looked over the side to see nothing, just clear blue water. Another splash came from the starboard side of the boat. Suspiciously, he peered over the other side and saw nothing. He gave up his hunt and headed back toward the helm. While staggering up the steps, a huge wave blasted over the ship. The wave slammed into the side over the boat, spraying the crew in salty water while, hitting them with the force of a punch to the face. Captain struggled to stay balance as his peg leg did not provide much support. The boat rocked side to side as the captain fell over the side of the boat and plunged into the water. He fought to stay afloat but, the force of the water pulling him down was to strong. He took his last breath as he was dragged down into the abyss below. He heard a voice. The voice sounded feminine.  She whispered to James to open his eyes. Hesitant, James opened his eyes to see a beautiful mermaid. Her long sea green hair flowed behind her and her long tail moved elegantly. James looked behind her and saw twenty other mermaids behind her. He was astonished by the sheer beauty of them. Suddenly, a cannon ball smashed against the water and hit the mermaid in front of him. Five more cannon balls hit the mermaids in the pack. James swam up to the surface to get air and realized he wasn’t breathing the whole time. When he breached the surface, he saw all the cannons on the starboard side opening fire into the water. One mermaid swam up and grasped his foot dragging him into the water. He drew his sword and sliced the mermaid in the arm. Blue blood sprayed out from the wound as she retreated. Three more mermaids swam towards him but were halted by three cannon balls

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