Microbit #2

After the coding part, I found that this tool might misuderstanding the teacher’s voice as noise. So we add a order of “when button A is pressed.” So we made a buttom for teacher to open , then they can turn on or off the microbit in order to control it. It would made the whole programme eaiser to control. We tried to help teachers with some technology to make their work eaiser, wish it can solve more problems and offers more help for the future.

Microbit #1

Teachers always feel students are too noisy when they are talking, so my partner, Haoxi, and I disgined a program to solve this kind of problem. We found a way which we thought is very useful:  use bigger and much more uncomfortable noise to treat with the noise that students made. We need to use a beezer, a loudness sensor and a Microbit. The noise the Microbit made won’t stop until the stop of the student’s noise. Futhermore, we used a button to control the microbit so it won’t make noise when the teacher is teaching.

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Steven Ye and I am 14 years old. I am a international student from China. I love the soccer team of liverpool.


It is a mv of one of my favourite songs high hopes.

My motto is “The fox may grow gray, but never good.”It tells us although one person can chang his outward, he cannot change his heart.

My favorite website is Google(www. google.com).Because when I had any questions, I always could find the answers on it