I dislike pink smoke

I don’t like pink smoke
It smells like burning trees
If there’s pink smoke in the air
It’s hard for you to see

Can you solve my math riddle?

Mr. Sokol said trigonometry isn’t rocket science, so I made this math riddle. Can you solve it?

A rocket’s shadow on the ground is 42 meters away from where it was launched 12 seconds ago. The angle of the sun is 77°. How fast is the rocket traveling? Round to the nearest unit.

A proposal for those who dislike reading logs and can write short passages of words

Ms. Royle the English teacher uses reading logs. Your teacher may too. If your English teacher does not use reading logs, you are lucky.
A reading log is a table which you fill in with the amount of time you read. There is a threshold of time; if the time you read is greater than the threshold, your English mark is increased. Unless it has changed, this threshold is 30 minutes. Ms. Royle says this is supposed to make us enjoy reading more.
I dislike these reading logs. Keeping track of how long you read distracts you from reading, as you have to remember to start and stop a timer which is always in the back of your mind as you read. More importantly, it has been proven that rewards are not a good way to motivate people. This is explained better than I could in Alfie Kohn’s book Punished by Rewards, but a fact that helps prove my point is that a reward does not make a person enjoy a task; instead, the person sees the task as something that must be done to obtain the reward.
(Ms. Royle claims to have read this book, but she still thinks a reward would make us enjoy reading.)
Now, I had an idea to make reading logs less miserable. The idea was to write my own story that took 30 minutes to read. Unfortunately, I was unable to make a story last that long, running out of ideas at 9 minutes.
I have a proposal for people who may be in a similar situation or who want to help combat the horror of reading logs.
My proposal is this: Multiple people write a story together, then read it and distribute it to anyone interested.
This would avoid the problem of running out of ideas because if one writer runs out of ideas, they can give the story to another person who does have ideas.
I imagine these stories being made up as they are written, only editing past text to check spelling and grammar, as this strategy has produced funny stories in the past.
Who would like to join me in this venture?

Typed with the Amazon Kindle

I watched a play

I have very recently seen the Charles Best spring play Little Shop of Horrors, or shops if you’re looking at the ticket. I am writing this late at night on my Amazon Kindle. The characters I thought were the most entertaining to watch got eaten by the plant first. You can tell a lot of effort went into the play.
Anyone know what time the story takes place in? It is a time when Czechoslovakia existed.

Early morning edit: I remembered another entertaining character with a small part. It was the guy at the beginning who went “Boy, that sure is an interesting plant!” and was the first customer.

A quite annoying post

The functionality of this post has been moved to A Quite Annoying Page.

Is there a correlation between your height and whether your name is Matthew?

I want to find out whether being named Matthew has any effect on your height. Here is a form for anyone who knows their height to complete so I can see if there is a difference between the height of people named Matthew and the height of people not named Matthew:

Picture assignment #4

View the post to replace these words with some other words.

Random Pokémon

Every time you go on this page you will see a different Pokémon.

Unless you see this text, in which case something isn't working. You could be viewing this on the dashboard instead of on the actual blog page, which causes the image to not display for some reason.

The images are just from pokemon.com, so if that site has moved its images somewhere else, this won't work.
I'm only using the first 151 Pokémon because I didn't want to use every single generation of Pokémon, but stopping at a random number between 1 and 8 would seem rather arbitrary. Plus, I don't have to change the random number generator every time a new generation comes out.

Thing I am not proud of

It’s Part 2: The Sway Presentation. I made it an ugly shade of pink.

Picture assignment #3

Even if other people can’t be trusted to take a photo at home, I can’t be trusted to take a photo at school because there’s nothing that meaningful at school. Also, more hidden text! Wooooooooooooooooo! People are impressed by me bending my knees for some reason!
A drawing of a cat.
I drew a cat!

It’s Philbert the Empty Space Cat! Philbert is also featured in The quest for cats in Science!