You may be wondering why the title of this post is TEXAS. In a previous Grade 10 advisory, the grade 10s including myself were given a PDF worksheet to fill out that seems to be very biased towards thinking all its users are in TEXAS.
Here is an unedited copy of the worksheet and I have no clue if this is allowed under copyright law
On page 2, the worksheet advises the reader to go to wrksolutions.com. I went to this page and observed this: wrksolutions.com is for the Houston-Galveston area
wrksolutions.com clearly is catering to the Houston-Galveston area.
Following is a map showing the distance between our school and the Houston-Galveston area: The Houston-Galveston area is 3893km away from school
Next, here is a screenshot from page 4: The question "Where do you want to work?" with checkboxes for Houston, Texas, USA, Overseas, Anywhere
You may notice that potential places for the reader to work seem to focus more on a certain geographical area, that being Houston in Texas in the United States of America.
Page 6 is encouraging the reader to go to www.texasrealitycheck.com. After going to this webpage, I can see it is made by the Texas Workforce Commission, which I suspect may be catering to the Texas community.
The example résumé on Page 8 has Jane Doe living in Houston, Texas.

I would like the fine people of our school to consider that this worksheet may be catered towards the Houston, Texas community, and not the community of our school.

newer blog time and date format

see title
The new date format is the year followed by the day of year. Unfortunately WordPress’ day of year is zero-based (so Jan 1 is day 0) so I’ve added “+1” to the end to fix that. Hopefully adding 1 won’t cause too much of an inconvenience.
The time format is now the number of milliseconds since the beginning of 1970/0+1, but WordPress always rounds to the nearest seconds so far.


I was going to go to school today but I got a really bad nosebleed. It lasted 15 minutes. Now I feel really weak. How has your day been?

Daylight Savings Time seems pretty stupid to me

Because of the statement in the title, my blog will now always use UTC-8.

Can you solve my math riddle?

Mr. Sokol said trigonometry isn’t rocket science, so I made this math riddle. Can you solve it?

A rocket’s shadow on the ground is 42 meters away from where it was launched 12 seconds ago. The angle of the sun is 77°. How fast is the rocket traveling? Round to the nearest unit.

I watched a play

I have very recently seen the Charles Best spring play Little Shop of Horrors, or shops if you’re looking at the ticket. I am writing this late at night on my Amazon Kindle. The characters I thought were the most entertaining to watch got eaten by the plant first. You can tell a lot of effort went into the play.
Anyone know what time the story takes place in? It is a time when Czechoslovakia existed.

Early morning edit: I remembered another entertaining character with a small part. It was the guy at the beginning who went “Boy, that sure is an interesting plant!” and was the first customer.

A quite annoying post

The functionality of this post has been moved to A Quite Annoying Page.

Random Pokémon

Every time you go on this page you will see a different Pokémon.

Unless you see this text, in which case something isn't working. You could be viewing this on the dashboard instead of on the actual blog page, which causes the image to not display for some reason.

The images are just from pokemon.com, so if that site has moved its images somewhere else, this won't work.
I'm only using the first 151 Pokémon because I didn't want to use every single generation of Pokémon, but stopping at a random number between 1 and 8 would seem rather arbitrary. Plus, I don't have to change the random number generator every time a new generation comes out.

Thing I am not proud of

It’s Part 2: The Sway Presentation. I made it an ugly shade of pink.

Perfectly Ordinary Post

What, posting from the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite isn’t normal?
It’s even got a Japanese keyboard!
きみわこれおよめない! Not only that, the Japanese keyboard comes with a wide variety of faces! There is literally a button that gives you a list of faces!
(  ̄ □  ̄ ; )