“House/Bunker project post #3”

I have to post pictures of when I started and when I finished the bunker/house project.

I don’t have a picture of when I started, but I can give you a description: Nothing.

Ms. Oak recorded a video when I finished because it would be hard for me to take a video with my laptop.
It was bigger than the maximum upload size of 50 megabytes, so I compressed it and it turned out at 11 megabytes. Here it is:

“House/bunker project post #2”

This is post #2 that isn’t just a post I want to post. The bunker/house project is going horribly, and Ms. Oak told me to type about what I was frustrated about on my blog.

None of the lightbulbs work.
There’s not a good way to attach wires together.
Ms. Oak isn’t helping with anything.

“Bunker/house post #1”

Well, now we’re actually using our Edublogs for assignments. Up until now I had just been posting whatever I wanted.

In Science, we’ve got an assignment to design a house, or a bunker. It’s not clear which one it’s supposed to be. In the 1st post, I have to post the circuit diagram for my house/bunker:

I also have to post diagrams made with Phet Circuit Simulator that do the same thing:

Also, here’s a floor plan of my bunker/house:

Every room is connected to the power in parallel, but only the big room has all its lights in parallel. The 3 other rooms have 2 lights in series. This is because I had to make 1 room brighter than the others.

This post also has to use tags. I didn’t know tags existed on this platform, but I’m suspicious of them…

DNA & Cells Study Guide

I made a DNA & Cells study guide earlier this year in Science. Here it is: DNA & Cells study guide

The quest for cats in Science!

A drawing of a cat.
Carbon tetrastatide

This is a post about trying to find the word CAT in anything that comes up in Science class.
CATs so far:

-A DNA sequence, made of the letters A, C, G, and T, can contain C A T.
-A positive ion is called a CATion.
-The chemical compound Carbon tetrastatide has the formula CAt4.

Hopefully this post will be updated if more CATs are found in Science.

If you can find any CATs, you can leave them as a comment.