Ball-Middle, a game by me and 4 other people.

Cole, other Cole, Evan, Trevor, and I made a game. It’s called Ball-Middle. Here’s how to play.

Get some volleyballs and divide them into teams with an equal number of volleyballs on each team. Make sure you can tell the volleyballs on each team apart. You can play with any number of teams, but yesterday we played with 3.
Get some people and divide them into the same number of teams as volleyballs. You don’t need to be able to tell the people on the teams apart, because this lets them use communication skills.
Use those flat cones to mark a circle in the middle of the room. This is called the middle.
Use more flat cones to mark a bigger circle with the 1st circle in the center. This is called the boundary.
Place all the volleyballs outside the boundary and all the people outside the boundary.

How to play:
The object of the game is to get all your team’s balls in the middle (or some number of them, this is what we haven’t decided)
You can move a ball by rolling it with your limbs. You can hold a ball while you’re outside the boundary.
You have to be outside the boundary when you roll a ball.
You can only move your team’s balls. The only way you can move another team’s balls is if you roll one of your team’s balls into it.
You can’t move a ball that’s in the middle or go into the middle.
If a ball is in the boundary, you can go into the boundary, pick up the ball, and leave the boundary.
You can’t physically contact any other people.
The game ends when all (or that number decided at the beginning of this section) of a team’s balls are in the middle and nonmoving.