Electronic dice update

Posted on 2018/340/150 in Electronics & Robotics 9 by placeholderw2018

Well, as far as I know, the school hasn’t got their order of more Integrated Circuit 4018s, but fortunately my dad’s friend had some. My electronic dice variation works! The only problem is that when 4 green LEDs are in series, they’re too dim. Going to try to fix that. If you try to make […]

Integrated circuit 4018

Posted on 2018/338/748 in Electronics & Robotics 9 by placeholderw2018

In Electronics & Robotics we have no Integrated Circuit 4018s left. This is a problem for my Electronic Dice project and all the other Electronic Dice projects, all of which need 2 4018s each.

Electronic Dice variation

Posted on 2018/308/205 in Electronics & Robotics 9 by placeholderw2018

You’re allowed to choose a project to do in Electronics & Robotics 9, within reason. I wanted to make the Electronic Dice project, but I had a small problem which most people would probably say is nitpicking. I’ll try to explain it with an image: So, to change the 2 and the 3 to have […]