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The new date format is the year followed by the day of year. Unfortunately WordPress’ day of year is zero-based (so Jan 1 is day 0) so I’ve added “+1” to the end to fix that. Hopefully adding 1 won’t cause too much of an inconvenience.
The time format is now the number of milliseconds since the beginning of 1970/0+1, but WordPress always rounds to the nearest seconds so far.

planning 10 or whatever it’s called is doing stuff

just typing text into the void with the Amazon Kindle
Today in whatever this class is called we used a service called myblueprint which used 5 quizzes to choose jobs it thinks I would like, then lets me take a quiz for each job to further figure out how much I would like each job.
Unsurprisingly, I would not like to be an animal breeder or an upholsterer. Those snuck into ‘jobs I may like based on the first 5 quizzes’ but they were the lowest out of them when I did the individual quizzes for each of those jobs.
I tend to mostly not answer on either extreme when given a scale to choose an answer about me from so the best match from the list, ‘computer programmer’ , matched 77%. ‘Animal breeder’ matched 32%. I just don’t want to be near animals, y’know?
Computer programmer matching well isn’t a big surprise either. I program computers just for fun! Remember that time I hacked the main edublog page? Boy did I get in trouble for that!
I can’t remember most of the other jobs on the list, but I’ll talk about the ones I do remember. One of them was basically the work I and many others have been doing for free in the Minecraft bugtracking system, except it isn’t Minecraft and people actually get paid.
One of them was essentially making sure a bunch of computers all have a given operating system and programs.

oh no I completely forgot about the triangle project for Science and it’s too late to work on it now

Хюман Бийинг энд ва Хюманз

ooo russian letters they’re so spooky
Anyways, Cole, Scott, Chris, and I have formed a band which is, as the title says, named Human Being and the Humans. You might remember us from such performances as “Don’t get a cramp”, and nothing else yet.
Scott is the human being.
hBath is the abbreviation for the name


I was going to go to school today but I got a really bad nosebleed. It lasted 15 minutes. Now I feel really weak. How has your day been?


Exclusive to this post only, Jovanovicisms! On this post, you can find things Mr. Jovanovic has said or done. 100% of the quotes on this page are from Mr. Jovanovic!
Jump to: Non-quotes Quotes, said while videos were playing Quotes Mispronunciations

Non-quotes, or text that was too long to write down:

Mr. Jovanovic assumed that no answer meant the same as answering ‘no’
Mr. Jovanovic claimed Zach had been mean to him
Mr. Jovanovic coughed into his fist many times
Mr. Jovanovic coughed into his shirt
Mr. Jovanovic encourages students to drink caffiene
Mr. Jovanovic made a generalization of boys by saying all boys like conflict and violence
Mr. Jovanovic, many times before talking about a subject, said he was not supposed to talk about it
Mr. Jovanovic picked his ear with his glasses for at least 10 seconds straight
Mr. Jovanovic picked his teeth, then his ears, with his finger.
Mr. Jovanovic said he likes butter-covered rice
Mr. Jovanovic talked about Turkish coffee, stopping his talk about how WWI started
Mr. Jovanovic talked over a film to talk about Ron Howard always putting his brother Clint in his films
Mr. Jovanovic tore down posters by students from the wall
Mr. Jovanovic tried to make a joke about sex-change operations

Things Mr. Jovanovic has said while he was playing a video, making the video difficult to listen to (keep in mind most of this was yelled):

“Aaaaa the Scots, with their kilts”
“All right”
“Charles! Wake up, man!”
“Fur coats, see that washing machine?”
“Get out a piece of paper and a pen, I need you to write this down”
“Hi, how you guys doing?”
“Love these photos and movies.”
“So this is a guy called Fredrick Varley. He does a lot of wartime art.”
“Watch this!”
“Where you going?” “Washroom” “I don’t believe you” (between Mr. Jovanovic & a student)
“Why is he feared?”
“You guys want more of these candies, they’re sitting right here”


“[10 out of 360] is less than 1% of the vote.”
“10 to 42” (actual statistic being 20 to 45, age for compulsory military enrollment during WWI)
“70% of men in their mid-50s have an enlarged prostate”
“Adam, how many girlfriends do you have?”
“Afghanistan, and Iraq, and other areas in America”
“all Dutch people from Holland”
“A lot of the times they have the election, they just don’t have the election”
“America, bunch of meatheads.”
“and French girls” (repeated many times through WWI unit)
“Any of you got grandparents that are old?”
“Are you guys all mute?”
“A soup kitchen was a place that you might be able to get a meal”
“Boris Johnson and his dog went to vote”
“bully-boy tactics”
“bunch of loony toons, freaking retards”
“by definition, you guys really aren’t that smart”
“Can you help me here help you”
“Does that make sense? I don’t know.”
“Don’t go home and say that I said Trump is a Nazi.”
“don’t like those New Westminster kids.”
“Don’t stand up to bullies, otherwise they’ll bully you.”
“five eight one twenty” (not only is it difficult to tell what these numbers mean, the correct numbers were five eleven one eighteen)
“four squares” (four rectangles)
“God, you guys are (inaudible) hard”
“God, you’re hard to work with”
“Guys started wearing earrings.” (Mr. Jovanovic said this while pointing to his nose)
“hedgehogs, not the stuff you eat at Christmas”
“I don’t even realize how lucky we are.”
“I don’t have any tissues, I just use my arm”
“I don’t not expect you to know all these people”
“If we had a dryer in our house, we’d blow up all our electrical.”
“If you had a time machine and were a poor person in the Industrial Revolution, how bad would your life be?”
“If you haven’t done your work, you have no-one but to.”
“If you know how to pirate movies online, you can find it. I didn’t say that.”
“if you say you’ve had enough of it, I’m gonna give you more.”
“I gave you half an hour for something that should’ve taken 10.”
“I had a candy cane, but it was cherry-flavored. I don’t like peppermint.”
“I know you guys are so depressed”
“I’ll be sexist this time”
“I’m not a communist, I believe in capitalism.”
“I’m not going to bother if you’re not going to bother.” (He then bothered regardless)
“I’m not talking down to you, I’m doing the opposite. Get your work done!”
“it covers the second half of what we haven’t covered”
“it’s not my job here to be the, you know, that.”
“It was a great movie it was a terrible movie”
“Let’s set the stage for the Cold War. The beginning of it. The beginning of the Cold War.”
“machine gun beaches”
“Most people celebrate their 50th birthday on their 50th birthday, but they’re really only 49”
“My dog loves cheese”
“My kid’s athletic schedule is killing my football viewing”
“No-one’s got liquid cash”
“[Oct. 18th] should have been in the newspaper a few weeks ago.” (on Dec. 3rd)
“Offer your opinion as to your impressions as to what happened” (written)
“over 80 years ago” (referring to 1998)
“our school is too young”
“pounds, or whatever it was”
“puts the war to the end”
“Saudi Arabia is the biggest company”
“see my cute little Christmas tree? […] Now I feel very Christmassy.” (stark contrast to how Mr. Jovanovic normally acts)
“that game where you hug each other in a group and if you don’t, you’re out of the game”
“That’s a joke, by the way.”
“The average person are all the same in the world.”
“the dole or the pogey”
“the guy lost his business and now he had no job”
“The Mice of Men”
“the northern part of Denmark was given as well to Denmark”
“There are negatives to this and negatives to this, let’s meet somewhere in the middle”
“there’s 20” (there were 25 squares)
“These are some sick puppies, by the way.”
“the world, and potentially the world”
“they don’t know what they know now”
“this is a waste of absurdity”
“this is gonna be like trying to get blood out of a stone”
“we have different-colored skins, we have different things, we have different things”
“What’s interesting about this is that, so that happened.”
“when I was a kid, I used to go to sleep”
“when something is posthumorous, it means past your death”
“you’d get killed and you’d die”
“You get married, you do family things.”
“You guys are not writing anything down, which scares me.”
“You guys saw that, it was part of that imitation game movie” (Mr. Jovanovic had never shown this class the imitation game movie)
“You have peed more than the universe”
“you might want to not make a note or two”
“You’re probably the worst group I ever had”
“You’re the first group of 15-year-olds with enlarged prostates”
“Your lack of effort is amazing”
“You should note that”


“1849” (1848)
“1944” (1945)
“a Rhineland”
“asins, s, sistants”
“attach” (written, but read as ‘attack’)
“Barbosa” (but written as ‘barbarossa’ and ‘barbarosa’)
“Boston Red Sock”
“Britain” (Berlin)
“Brock Obama”
“Chekoslov aaaaa kia” (‘aaaaa’ as in ‘pan’)
“co-operative” (‘co-prosperity’)
“Das Boofbaf”
“drey ming”
“El” (‘Il’)
“E line Musk”
“hurt ze gowv in uh”
“id entity” (‘id’ as in ‘lid’)
“In Flanders Field”
“kilt” (‘killed’)
“mop mentality”
“pack” (for ‘pact’, read like this multiple times)
“quit pro quo”
“Sam Yews”
“Sementic, semetic” (Semitic)
“sery yayv oh”
“Steph Rogen”
“Tash ray”
“the Six Pistols”
“the you crane”
“tick for tack”

Romeo & Juliet is a story about love

Romeo & Juliet is not interesting to me because romance is not interesting to me. There’s probably other reasons it’s not interesting, but this is an obvious one.

dance class is antienjoyable

The Dance unit is exactly the same as last year and the only fun dance I remember was the Charleston, everything else was the opposite of fun

Asexual Pride flag

It turns out I am asexual and it really doesn’t seem like a big deal because I’ve experienced no sexual attraction for my entire life but it must feel weird to begin feeling sexual attraction that must be a strange feeling

Also if you are here to talk about scripts, this has no scripts, it’s just an HTML image element

“My Employability Skills-A reflection”

Well, it’s time for an assignment. The assignment is to copy some text that I wrote on a paper a while ago into this blog post. It may sound confusing out of context. Everything after this sentence is copied from the paper.

Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

I barely used any skills in the activities. The activities were very short and simple.
I used interpersonal communication in the string-throwing activity when I said a fact about me and threw the string.
Technically, I did use teamwork in the untangling activity, but it went by incredibly quickly (under 10 seconds) and all I did was move my arms twice.

Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

I am not good at managing time. There are also lots of things I am not enthusiastic about. I have no idea how I would make myself more enthusiastic, without changing the task to make it more appealing. That may be a comma splice.
To manage time, some sort of alarm system would be helpful if I have a schedule. I don’t have access to an alarm system, unfortunately. I also may not have a schedule, which usually leads to me completely forgetting about tasks. I am very forgetful. I could keep track of tasks somewhere, but in the past I have forgotten to look at the list of tasks if there is any amount of time between writing down the task and a time when I have an opportunity to do the task.

Daylight Savings Time seems pretty stupid to me

Because of the statement in the title, my blog will now always use UTC-8.