planning 10 or whatever it’s called is doing stuff

just typing text into the void with the Amazon Kindle
Today in whatever this class is called we used a service called myblueprint which used 5 quizzes to choose jobs it thinks I would like, then lets me take a quiz for each job to further figure out how much I would like each job.
Unsurprisingly, I would not like to be an animal breeder or an upholsterer. Those snuck into ‘jobs I may like based on the first 5 quizzes’ but they were the lowest out of them when I did the individual quizzes for each of those jobs.
I tend to mostly not answer on either extreme when given a scale to choose an answer about me from so the best match from the list, ‘computer programmer’ , matched 77%. ‘Animal breeder’ matched 32%. I just don’t want to be near animals, y’know?
Computer programmer matching well isn’t a big surprise either. I program computers just for fun! Remember that time I hacked the main edublog page? Boy did I get in trouble for that!
I can’t remember most of the other jobs on the list, but I’ll talk about the ones I do remember. One of them was basically the work I and many others have been doing for free in the Minecraft bugtracking system, except it isn’t Minecraft and people actually get paid.
One of them was essentially making sure a bunch of computers all have a given operating system and programs.

oh no I completely forgot about the triangle project for Science and it’s too late to work on it now