“Bunker/house post #1”

Well, now we’re actually using our Edublogs for assignments. Up until now I had just been posting whatever I wanted.

In Science, we’ve got an assignment to design a house, or a bunker. It’s not clear which one it’s supposed to be. In the 1st post, I have to post the circuit diagram for my house/bunker:

I also have to post diagrams made with Phet Circuit Simulator that do the same thing:

Also, here’s a floor plan of my bunker/house:

Every room is connected to the power in parallel, but only the big room has all its lights in parallel. The 3 other rooms have 2 lights in series. This is because I had to make 1 room brighter than the others.

This post also has to use tags. I didn’t know tags existed on this platform, but I’m suspicious of them…