Some Information About Me That I Have To Put Here Even Though I Don’t Want To

Bobby’s got a blog! Oh no!

Hi, I’m Bobby, and this is my blog. I pretty much forgot this existed and completely forgot when it was due. I also had the problem of forgetting how to access the blog. Yet another problem I have is that this page was supposed to list everything that I need to put on the page, but I deleted everything on the page before adding this stuff. I don’t want to fill the page with this stuff either. Oh, also I’m in Grade 9. I probably should have mentioned that earlier.

A quote

This is a quote by slicedlime, who is a developer for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is a quote I remember, and other people are telling me that means it’s meaningful.

An embedded video with an explanation of its importance to me

This is a video of two drums and a cymbal falling off a cliff. The video isn’t that important to me, I just found it entertaining. Tom Scott also makes lots of videos about things you might not know.

An image with an explanation of its importance to me

This is a picture of Pikachu. This picture isn’t important to me at all, I just picked a picture on my computer. I got this stuffed Pikachu on my 11th birthday, and sometime between then and now, I took a picture of it and saved it on my computer. Now, it’s on the internet.

A hyperlink

I don’t know if the hyperlink is supposed to link to somewhere, so I’m just going to link it to EZ-Route 2000’s website. EZ-Route 2000 is the software we’re using in Electronics & Robotics 9.