Final assignments-something I’m proud of

This year I am proud of many things but one think I’m really proud of is trying out the textiles class. I always had an interest in making and designing clothes. At first I was scared to take this class because I knew I was very bad at sewing but, after gaining courage to try something new I decide to take the class.  After this amazing experience by taking the grad.9 textiles class taught by Ms. Nembhard I learnt a lot of handy stuff. I learnt how to sew in a straight line, how to sew a seam, how to sew on a zipper, a button and a hook and eye, how to decide what fabric to use, etc. For our first big project we had to make a skirt, since it was my first big project I struggled a lot. I had trouble sewing in a straight line, sewing the hook and eye and most of all the zipper. It was my first time attaching a zipper on a skirt so, it was very hard but I eventually finished sewing the zipper on to my skirt with a lot of help from my fellow classmates and Ms. Nembhard. At the end I was pretty proud how it turned out counting it was my first big project. My last project of the course was to make anything we wanted. I decide to make culotte I had to find my own fabric and sewing patterns. The process of making my culottes was hard because not everyone did the same thing as me so I had to figure out my instructions by myself. The hardest part of making the culotte was sewing the pockets, I had to unpick the pockets few times but after a lot of unpicking and sewing I succeed. At the end I was very proud of the finished produce. I’m glad I took this class because now I can sew a lot of my clothes and help my mom.