Reflection #1


We analyzed a lot of the stories together during classes. It really helped me understand the bases of the story. For example, when we talked about the symbol of the eye during our discussion in class it helped me better understand the meaning of the symbol. Also, when we were in small groups reading the doll house together, he had time to talk about the ideas, it was fun. I think analyzing and critiquing really helps me go deeper into my thoughts.


Investigating in the class with my class mates helped me go deeper into my ideas and understand the meaning of the story. I liked investigating the theme because I can see other peoples perspective of the story. The story can mean different thing for different people. When we are figuring out the theme in class I saw my classmates perspective and it helped me understand their thoughts.


I used a lot designing and developing during my final short story. I had to think of ideas, sketch them down a paper and re think to make them sound better. I designed a mind map writhing down my conflict, rising action, and climax. I also, puts some words down that I include in my story and special symbols I chose. I also used this skill during my writing for the Jack Sparrow assignment. I had to take ideas for the videos we watched and take ideas to write in Jack Sparrow’s perspective.

I used a lot of the critical thinking skills during the short story unit.


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