English (Part-time Indian) Reflection questions on video

Our group (Alyanna, Rebecca, Jacqueline) did the part of the video in the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, by Sherman Alexie where Arnold’s sister Mary ran away to Montana and married a Flathead Indian out of nowhere. The underlying message in the video is that for Arnold’s family and everyone on the reservation sticking together and supporting each other is a priority, even thought the situations may be difficult in the family and the reservation. For Arnold’s family Mary running away shows them that she is betraying them.  The outcome this message was meant to cause is knowing that at the end to find a life Mary eventually have to leave the reservation because of a consequence of a bad future and not enough resources for a future. The opinion in the message is that eventually people on the reservation must leave her homes in order to find hope. Making this part of the story into a video was effective because we can clearly see the characters emotions and their behaviors, and I notice that people can understand better looking visually rather than reading. An ineffective outcome of making a video of this message is that the videos are short so it can be harder to attract the audience. Other suggestion for this project to be more effective is that maybe we can have a choice to use animation because not everyone is a good actor so when we use animation, we can see the characters facially expression and the emotions more clearly.

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