Day 1 (May.1.19):

Today Eula, Weiming and I, we decided who is going to bring what materials, the numbers of room, how many parallel and series circuit we are going to make. I am in charge of the the decorating materials for the house and 1 9v battery, Eula is responsible for the glue gun and two 9v batteries and Weiming is going to bring a shoe box to make our house. We decided that there is going 4 rooms, 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, and 1 kitchen. There is going to be 4 circuit one for each room. The living room is going to have a series circuit, one of the bedroom is going to have a parallel circuit that is going to be connected to the closet lights and the bedroom lights because the closet is very long so it needs bright light. The other bedroom is going to have a series circuit and the kitchen is going to have a parallel circuit that is connected to the oven and the light in the room because the oven needs the energy to cook something.

Day 2 (May.2.19):

Today our group finished designing our house and dividing the rooms. We drew a diagram for the house and lad out what furniture we should place inside the rooms. We stick orange sheets of paper on the side of the shoe box to make it look like wallpapers. We cut pieces of cardboard to divide the rooms then cut out the doors. We made two circuits today one parallel circuit with two pathways, one for the closet light and the bedroom light. We made a series circuit for the living room. These two series were a success. We worked on each piece of the house together figuring things out while constructing the house.

Day 3: (May.3.19):

Today our group finished our last two circuits for the house. So, in total we had a one parallel circuit with two pathways for the bedroom light and the bedroom closet, and another parallel circuit with four pathways for the kitchen, the oven, the stove, the fridge, and the light for the room. We also have two series circuit, one for the bathroom and one for the living/dining room. We took a lot of time trying to make the four pathway parallel circuit we failed few attempt but at the end we had a successful four pathway circuit. Also, trying to find light bulbs that works was a struggle for our group, most of the white lights were not working or if we found a good light we have to strip the wires. Since we took too long trying to make the parallel circuits and finding light that will work, we didn’t  have a lot time to make the decorations (furniture) so Weiming, Eula, and I decided that we will try to make as much as furniture we can make at home. Weiming has to do the dining room table and the cupboard in the dining room, Eula is making the kitchen, some of the bathroom decorations and the closet for the bedroom. And I am in charge of some of the bathroom decorations, the bedroom furniture’s and the chairs for the table in the dining room.

Day 4: (May.7.19)


Today Eula, Weiming and I finished the house. In the dinning room we made a table and 2 chairs and a window that opens and closes. In the kitchen there the front door to the house, a sink, a counter with a microwave and a fridge. There is a door that connects the to the bedroom, in the bedroom there is a bed, and a huge closet. Lastly, there the bathroom, in the bathroom there is a shower, and a sink with a mirror. We aren’t quite down with the house but we tested the parallel

Day 4 (May.8.19):

Today we finished up our house and tested the light and placed them inside the house. We finished measuring the current for the series and parallel circuit. Also we measured the current for the different pathways for the parallel circuit. At first we didn’t  know how to use the ammeter so we had to spend a lot of time to figure it out. Once we got how to use the ammeter we took our time to calculate the current for each pathways. Then we had another problem one of our lights started to not work so we took a bit of time finding a light bulb that will work with a wire because we lost one of our wires too.

Last Day! (May.9.10):

I think this project was a really helpful project to finish off physics. It helped me understand better the series and parallel circuit and how electricity works around the house. We had a successful presentation with everyone in our group talking and explanation what we did and how we made the circuits one by one. Before our presentation one of our light bulbs had a wouldn’t turn on, we thought if was the battery that had a problem but actually the light bulb was sort of disconnected from the wires. In the presentation we talked about how we found the current for each circuit and how we measured the current for a parallel circuit. We also talked about the voltage and how we found the resistance in the circuit. Overall, I think this presentation and project was successful and fun and I hope we do more activities like this in the future for other subjects.



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