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Hi my name is Ashley Kim. I’m in Grad. 9. I am really excited to be at Charles Best Secondary School. I am born in a family of 5, I have a younger sister named Jade she is in grad. 6 and a brother named Shawn in grad. 2. When I grow up I want to be part of the acting industry, I am going to join a lot of productions through out high school. I started to join acting when I was in grad. 6, since then I enjoyed performing. Most people think I’m quiet and innocent, yes maybe I am innocent but I’m not quiet I’m more of the opposite of that. I tend to be quiet around new people but once I know you well I will get crazy. I hope I have a wonderful time through out high school and make it really memorable.


” Time decides who you meet, Your heart decides who you want in your life, Behaviors decides who will stay by your side.”


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This quote is by Ziad K. Abdelnour. I personally love this quote, I think this are important words in our life. High school the last stage before we go into the real world. I thinkĀ  The person who wrote this quote is trying to tell the three stages of meeting someone. Time is definitely important in life, as the quote say ” Time decides who you meet ” it depends where your at and what time your there. ” Your heart decides who you want in your life” which means, do you still want to do something with this person. Lastly ” Behaviors decides who will stay by your side “, the last one is important even when your heart really want this person behaviors will change everything. I think this three stages can really change your life, in a positive or negative.

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This image is meaningful to me because I see a group of friends all together representing how much they Love each other. My friends are so important to me in life, without them I don’t think I could of some through rough times in life.

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    Your About Me page looks good. You are still missing a hyperlink to a website.
    If you make any changes, please email me as soon as possible.