All About Me

My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge. but imagination” by Albert Einstein. I like this quote because, to me, it speaks true. In my opinion, without imagination, and people to use them, our modern amenities, from sewers to iPhones, wouldn’t have happened.

My Favorite Youtube Video

This is my favorite YouTube video. It’s a trailer of Space Engineers on the new update. I like this trailer because it showcases how people can come online and work together.

My Favorite Photo

My favorite photo is a beautiful picture of a pixelated killer whale. I like this photo because I think it helps give an example of creativity and beautiful skylines.

My Favorite Website

My favorite website is this really cool anime-watching website/app called Crunchyroll. I really love this website because you can choose from so many different anime! From classic fantasy to epic sci-fi. If you’re an anime fan, you should really check it out.

To enter Crunchyroll, just click the link below:



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    Please come to the tech center for help.

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