Taekwondo is a sport i’ve been doing for about a while now. It’s a type of martial arts that has been created 2000 years ago and is used for safety. In Taekwondo we have rules and regulations where you’d have to stick to your word or else a lot can happen. If you do not follow those rules and regulations you will be kicked out permanently, could be reported to the police for usage of weapons and you could be put at charge or even could go to jail. You should not be using any sort of those techniques outside of the Taekwondo gym unless you are in a dangerous situation and in need of, otherwise it should not be used anywhere. In Taekwondo a starting belt is white and a very advanced one is black. Black belts take years to achieve. It takes more than 6 years to achieve a black belt and once you are a black belt, then comes in the “Degrees”. If you are doing bad in school, it will affect your Taekwondo class, because it is apart of the rules, to get good grades. Some other rules are to respect your parents, teachers, and family. A representative to me who impacted me is Elizabeth Evans. I recently learned about her and she is one of the toughest competitors in Taekwondo. How is she a representitor? She represents us woman. How? She stands for woman and goes on about how woman are strong and how she advises that Taekwondo can change a womans life and how us woman need to know how to protect ourselves. I do agree with her because in society us woman are very judged and we are a target and it is very sad but Taekwondo gives you that confidence and you feel safe once you know how to protect yourself. In Taekwondo, demonstrations are done, many attacks are shown and you learn how to react to them and what to do. I advise you to join Taekwondo as it can change your life!

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