About Me

About Me

Hello my name is Arad Emami. I’m currently 14 years old and used to go to Maple Creek Middle School. I like video games, computer science and sports. I have a Persian background and can speak 3 languages. I love learning a lot about computers and talking about computers with my friends. In school my favorite subject is Math because I find it enjoyable that may seem weird to some people but honestly it’s interesting to learn about the new materials.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” By: Albert Einstein. I feel like to quote is relatable to everyone because in life we must keep moving we can’t stop. We must move on with our lives to keep balance. After reading this quote it made me think a lot about what he said and how deep it is.


Favorite YouTube Clip

This is my favorite YouTube clip it’s of one of my favorite tech channels on YouTube. This video is called how to build a gaming PC by:Austin Evans. This video really got me into tech and made me want to learn more about computers and technology. After this video I went on to learn a lot more about tech and mainly computer science.  http://https://youtu.be/3lrdDID3i7s



This is a picture of a Graphics Card. Also known as a GPU or Video Card a graphics card is an important and essential part to a PC. You don’t necessarily need a graphics card because if you don’t your CPU will have integrated graphics. Integrated graphics are much worst than a GPU but you can still do a lot with integrated graphics but it most likely won’t run as smooth or good as having a graphics card. This is an image of an MSI RTX 2070 GPU. This image impacts me because I love computers and this is an amazing spec that just shows how far we have come in terms of computers. This GPU would cost around 800$.


Favorite Website

Honestly my favorite website is most likely google.com. Because google has everything and it’s really helpful. I use google almost everyday and I think lots of people in CharlesBest use google. Google is also basically a gateway to all your favorite websites. https://www.google.com/

One thought on “About Me

  1. You have done a good job constructing your page and have integrated media and text quite well. A mark was deducted because you didn’t include an embedded video.