Buzz Off Reflection

Core Competencies: Communication: I worked very well with Matia, and we were engaged and helped each other out. We each did our share of responsibilities and listened to each others thoughts and ideas. Whenever there was an issue we talked about it and tried to fix it together an example is that we ran into […]

Dream and Design for Buzz Off

This was one of our codes for our Buzz Off device is the closest code to working. It showed that forever, if a light level was above 150 then the digital write pin 1 would start a countdown of a certain amount of time. We didn’t know how to command the buzzer to go off […]

Buzz off!

My partner and I wanted our Microbit to save electricity by reminding us to turn off the lights. We picked to lower electricity because many people including the both of us forget to turn off our lights, which wastes electricity. To Accomplish this the Microbit will have a light sensor and when lights are turn […]