About Me

Hello – my name is Annika. I am a grade 9 student. I love to do many activities such as dancing, cooking, camping, writing, art, and reading. I am a person who likes peace and quite, which is probably why I like writing and reading because when I’m reading or writing, I can escape into my own quiet, little world and let my imagination run wild. I also love to dance; I have been a dancer since I was five years old. The reason why I love to dance is because of the relationships I’ve made through it. At my dance studio, we all think of each other as our other family. I also love being in nature, because when I’m outside I love to enjoy the beautiful views. These are the activities that I enjoy most and the activities that I do most often.

My favourite quote

This quote is a clever way of showing the true meaning behind what really matters. We all live on the same planet, Earth which means we should all take care of each other and it. There have been many wars over nationalities, politics and religion but what really matters is that we are all the same and we are all equal to one another. That is why I like this quote it shows that people are equal and that we should treat each other the same because we all live on this Earth, we are all human, we should all be free and though some religions may be different it comes down to one thing which is love.



My Favourite Summer Memory

This photo captures my favourite summer memory with my two good friends from dance. We all went to theĀ  Canadian Championships in Calgary for highland dance and had a great time, it was a lot of work though but it was worth the experience and the time I had with my friends.

My Favourite Videos

Video number one

I like this video because its a joyful video and it show that small but fun things like dancing brings people together.

Video number two


I like this video because it has good advice to live your life to its fullest and I hope that more people have the same attitude as him.



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  1. Hi Annika,

    You have done a good job changing the theme, adding a quote and a picture. Could you add a short paragraph about yourself, a video, and a hyperlink? I’ll change your grade once you revise the post.
    Please visit me at the Tech Center for more info/questions.

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