My Employability Skills

What employable skills did you use during the activities?

For the first activity we threw a ball of yarn to each other and had to hold a piece of the yarn while doing this we had to share our name and one of our hobbies. The skills used for this activity were interpersonal communication, team work, and enthusiasm. We had to communicate with each and listen to what the others said because you had to repeat what the person said before you. After we finished saying our name and sharing one of our hobbies we had to work as a team to roll up the yarn because it created a large web which mad it difficult to roll it up, so we had to help one another and work as a team. We also demonstrated enthusiasm and a good attitude with each other while sharing.

The second activity was the human knot, we grabbed someone who isn’t right beside us in the circle and held their right hand, and then with our left hand. After we all were tangled holding each others hands we had to try to untangle the knot. We used many skills such as teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking, adaptability, and communication. We demonstrated teamwork, communication, problem solving, and adaptability because we had to help each other with directions in which way we should go, we also had to communicate with each other when we had to solve problems, and we had to adapt into awkward positions to help each other out which showed teamwork.

Some skills I want to work on to be more employable. 

Some skills that I want work on to be more employable is the ability to accept feed back and criticism, and flexibility and adaptability. Some times I have a hard time accepting negative feed back and criticism, so to work on this I will try to remember that feed back and criticism is another way of learning how to get better. Also, I will try to be more flexible and willing to adapt to change better because I usually like things the way I want them and I usually have a hard time adapting to change, to work on those skills I will try to remember that something new and something different can be a god thing.

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