Dream and Design for Buzz Off

This was one of our codes for our Buzz Off device is the closest code to working. It showed that forever, if a light level was above 150 then the digital write pin 1 would start a countdown of a certain amount of time. We didn’t know how to command the buzzer to go off when the timer finished. We didn’t fully finish our code mostly because we didn’t know how to properly code what we wanted the Microbit to do, we had our code checked over by multiple peer tutors and teachers and we still couldn’t fix the code. However we continued to work on our code and improve our ideas and research.

This was an draft of a prototype of what the Buzz Off would look like, we wanted it to be a bee because when the timer goes off the bee would buzz. Since the purpose of the Buzz Off device is to save electricity you would put the Buzz Off near a main light source to sense light.

This is a diagram of how the Buzz Off device saves the environment. When you save energy you save the environment because when you consume less electricity you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by powerplants, which helps the environment. Many power plants use fossil fuels as energy for electricy, so by reducing the amount of power plant emissions the less carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the main contributerors to global warming, so by reducing carbon dioxide levels we will be helping the environment.


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