Buzz Off Reflection

Core Competencies:


I worked very well with Matia, and we were engaged and helped each other out. We each did our share of responsibilities and listened to each others thoughts and ideas. Whenever there was an issue we talked about it and tried to fix it together an example is that we ran into a few problems with the Microbit code and we never blamed it on each other instead we put more effort in our project and focused on fixing the issue. We both finished what responsibilities we had to do for the project and both offered help to one another.


I believe that we came up with a great idea, which would help lower the amount of electricity we use. We originally came up with the idea because we both listened to each others ideas and we both said that we always forget to turn off the lights, so what if we came up with was a device to warn us to turn the lights off. We thought creatively and developed our ideas. We had problems with the Microbit, so we experimented with codes, asked questions to one another and asked for help from the peer tutors and teachers. Even though the code didn’t fully work, I learned many techniques evolving the Microbit such as making variables, using extensions for the Microbit, and commanding the extensions.

Social and Personal Responsibilities:

This was my first time working with Matia on a school project, we agreed on ideas and helped one another out and when we had different views of what to do we discussed and cooperated with each other. During this project we were able to create a stronger relationship with each other and got to know each other better. We were always able to solve problems in peaceful ways and asks questions.  Matia and I were very determined in trying to create the right codes for our project we were disappointed when we couldn’t; however I am still very proud of our idea. While doing this project I felt very happy that we were coming up with an idea to help our community and the environment. Since our device is to help save electricity we researched on how saving electricity helps the environment. Saving electricity reduces the amount of toxic fumes from power plants, which means there would be less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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  1. Thank you for your posts. Great job at documenting your learning! I enjoyed reading about your building process and how you were able to finish your project. All your posts are categorized correctly and are tagged with the appropriate tags.

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