Buzz off!

My partner and I wanted our Microbit to save electricity by reminding us to turn off the lights. We picked to lower electricity because many people including the both of us forget to turn off our lights, which wastes electricity. To Accomplish this the Microbit will have a light sensor and when lights are turn on a timer will start and after a certain amount of time ae buzzer will go off to remind us to turn off the lights.


  • Turning off the lights saves electricity and it also saves money.
  • Saving electricity saves the environment, when people use less electricity you reduce the amount of fumes released by power plants.
  •  Many power burn oil, crude oil or other fossil fuels, reducing energy will decrease power plant emissons.
  •  When power plant burn fossil fuels to create electricity carbon dioxide is released into the air which gets trapped in the atmosphere, what causes global warming.

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