Saving Water and Energy with Microbits: No water wasted detector #2


For the first step of creating a device that can detect the moisture level in a substance like dirt, I decided to do some extra research about how to code this onto my microbit. There was lots of great information online but I wanted to add my own unique spin to the device, I decided to add a vibration motor to the microbit device so it would alert me when there was enough water in the dirt. I also used the information that we learned in class to code these things with only the knowledge and research I knew. I used analog and digital read pins to create this device as well. I did some sketching and then went to create the microbit.

Make: Microbits Science Project

After I research how to code all the information. I designed my device I tested the first attempt without the buzzer and it worked great. That code is in the document linked at the top next to the make section. then it took me a while but I used all the stuff we learned in class and added the buzzer so it would buzz when it detects moisture. after a few tests, the device worked great. Although I wanted to make the system more complex.


After more creative thinking and research I thought that we could make it so it has a longer cord. In this case, it would be way more portable and usable in all situation and all plants. To make this device more portable it would be cool to have a case to re stabilitate the device. This device could also work for the grass so you don’t over water it.

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