13 thoughts on “English/DL video

  1. The audio kinda killed my ears not gonna lie.
    The video was short
    I understood what was happening
    The opening scene with the scenery was good

  2. It was a little short, but the camera pans, the setting and all the props (and the fire!) were all good. The audio was also a little too loud.

  3. It was pretty good and the audio was really good. One thing I would change is the length, it was a bit short.

  4. The intensity of the scene was very accurate to the book and the camera angles were really cool. I’d elaborate more on the scene as something for improvement.

  5. the editing was good and i liked the angles that you shot from but the visual quality wasn’t very good

  6. I liked the various angles of the movie.
    I thought the intro was goo with the mountains
    Just make it a bit longer

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