English/DL assignment, media fluency post

a) The underlying message in our video is that consequences are based on that of  your choices.

b) This message is meant to cause a realization, a realization that you can control your outcome, you control what happened to you.  It is meat to show that you make the decisions that will end in a consequence, good or bad.

c)The opinion or basis is the the message, others may and do have a different look on those kinds of things.

d) The video gives you a visual of what happened, it also shows you the message in many different ways.

e) The video is ineffective in the ways of everyone will have their own opinion and visualization  of what happens or the message. Not everyone thinks the same, people are individual and have their own individual train of thought.

f) A model or poster presentation could be efficient to put across the same kind of message. Another idea could be animation video’s if more time was given.

3 thoughts on “English/DL assignment, media fluency post

  1. Video was well edited and I enjoyed the music. Maybe next time you could include Allison in the filming


  2. I really liked the angles you used. keep up the good editing but when you are narrating don’t talk too close to the speaker because it comes out a little weird.

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