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Hi, my name is Annica and here i will tell you a little about myself! 

About Me

    My name is Annica, i live at home with both my parents and my two siblings who are both younger the me. I have a learning disability called dislexia. It makes me see letters and numbers backwards, prevents me from spelling very well and makes my hand writing very bad. Every one in my family plays hockey except my mom. At first i was a typical girl thinking that hockey is a ” boys sport” but now i know that its not and i always want it to be fair between girls hockey and boys. My siblings and I also play box lacrosse in the spring for the Coquitlam Adanacs.



 You’re italic

 I’m in bold

– Billie Eilish  Image result for billie eilish

 I chose this quote because Billie Eilish is one of my favorite singer/songwriters ever. She is brutally honest and an amazing singer. She also has an amazing sense of humor and style. I knew i wanted a Billie quote but i couldn’t figure out which one, I found this one and i could tell it was the one.  She is just an all around amazing person! I love her so much!




I picked this video of an interview with Billie Eilish, Here she talks about life and tells story


Chose this picture because it is of my lacrosse team after we won gold in provincial’s 2018, I had such                             a fun year and i am happy about the team i was on. i made new friends and was reconnected to old ones




The reason i used this link is because the is the website that i learned to play the ukulele which i play almost every                                                   day. I love to learn new songs to play so i am on this website a lot.




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