Microbits Blog Post 2

On the first day of working on the microbit project we had some problems figuring out what we wanted to make for our energy saving device. But throughout the block we brainstormed about what kind of energy we wanted to save. So we thought about a device that could be timed in a way to use less energy from being on for too long. On the Second day we thought about what type of energy is being used to much in say, a house and we thought when it’s hot out and you want to use a fan you usually end up just leaving the fan on and forgetting to turn it off so we finally decided to make a fan that was timed to prevent you from using it for too long.

Microbits Blog Post 1

  1. We want our device to reduce the amount of energy used from cooling say your house. We chose this usage of energy because many people over use electricity when cooling their home. We want our device to be able to create cooling wind but for a certain amount of time so you don’t waste energy.
  2. We call our device the “Timed Turbine”. We did some research on how to properly program the microbit to do what we wanted it to do.