Microbits Blog Post 2

On the first day of working on the microbit project we had some problems figuring out what we wanted to make for our energy saving device. But throughout the block we brainstormed about what kind of energy we wanted to save. So we thought about a device that could be timed in a way to use less energy from being on for too long. On the Second day we thought about what type of energy is being used to much in say, a house and we thought when it’s hot out and you want to use a fan you usually end up just leaving the fan on and forgetting to turn it off so we finally decided to make a fan that was timed to prevent you from using it for too long.

Microbits Blog Post 1

  1. We want our device to reduce the amount of energy used from cooling say your house. We chose this usage of energy because many people over use electricity when cooling their home. We want our device to be able to create cooling wind but for a certain amount of time so you don’t waste energy.
  2. We call our device the “Timed Turbine”. We did some research on how to properly program the microbit to do what we wanted it to do.

All about me!

My name is Andrew, I live in Coquitlam B.C. and I play hockey for the Coquitlam Chiefs. I’m on the ice maybe five to six times a day. I am also playing hockey with Centennial Hockey Academy during school. Right now my favourite video is most likely from one of my favorite content creators “Fitz”. The video is called “Best of Fitz 2018” and it’s basically humor and some of the jokes they make, make me laugh but, it’s not a video I would watch with my family as a few jokes they make are sort of offensive, but I get to see and hear all of the past amazing jokes from last year.  Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D24s93drYm8&t=1102s

Reddit 50/50 this website that I’ve hyperlinked is important to me because I usually go to the website with my friends to see what kind of things we can find “Reddit 50/50” is a part of reddit where they give you an option between one thing that might be like a cute dog or something or it could be a monkey getting run over by a car. If you click the post there’s a fifty percent chance that it’s gonna be a picture of a puppy of a  video of a monkey getting run over so you take the chance. That’s my all about me and those are my favorite video and a hyperlink to one of my favorite websites!