Reflection on Media Fluency

Reflect On your Media Fluency: 

  1. The underlying message in the video is to show knowledge of plot, conflict and character. In our video the underlying message the racism in the school is changing and some of the students are starting to notice that Arnold is a person just like them who enjoys sports and is very smart and not just someone from the reservation.
  2. The emotion that is meant to be caused is for Arnold to feel more accepted and for the teacher to realize the wrong she’s done and how she shouldn’t have made those comments not knowing what’s going on in his personal life. The action is that people were going to show more acceptance to Arnolds presence in the school and on the basketball team. The outcome that this message was meant to cause was that Arnold realized some people will always be discriminating and racist but not everyone one is like that and lots of people are accepting and not like that. 
  3. The bias and opinion of the message is that people look at Arnold differently because they know he is an Indian boy and comes from the reservation. The teachers at Reardan and the students assume he’s less and less educated not able to do what they can do because he’s from the reservation. 
  4. The video is effective for giving a visual representation of what happened in our video. It is also more descriptive and shows the kids standing up for him and walking out. 
  5. The video ineffective for showing what the characters look like and how they dress, also that in our group we were all girls that were boys in the story. 
  6. This video should only be a video format because it shows and represents better what happens in the book. You could also upload it to YouTube for others to watch and see easily 

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