About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Alex I’m currently in the 9th grade at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. I enjoy doing a lot of things in my spare time such as listening to music, writing, video games and hanging out with my friends.


My Favorite Quote

“Icky, icky goo!” – Jar Jar Binks

This quote is important to me because Jar Jar Binks is known as one of the most hated characters in the entirety of the Starwars universe. I believe that he was a perfect addition to the movies because of his classic one-liners adding a plethora of reliability to the character, this makes me feel like I can really trust him for information. For example, the quote above can show that he is aware of his surroundings and because he said the goo is icky that must mean it’s true.


My Favorite Youtube CLip

 I chose this video because I love the amount of enthusiasm this one man has when he compliments you on your accomplishment.


My Favorite Photo

This photo has impacted me in various one of which being I am now immune to ALL prank callers because I’ve seen the sheer amount of damage that Joe Mama himself has caused to dear old Spongebob. I would not want to share the same fate as my best friend Spongebob.

My Favorite Website

I use this website many times a day whether I’m searching something up or I want to look at something crazy cool


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