My employabillity skills

Skills I currently have are teamwork and working in diverse environment. I use this skill in these activities by trying to work together with my class mates to get out of the hand holding activaty.

1 skill I would like to work on is Enthusiasm and Attitude. This is important for me because even if I don’t like something I should try my best and have a good attitude. this will help me in my employable future.

Showcase Project

For Math 9 I made a scale drawing of a log cabin. I calculated the ratios to draw a cabin with a deck and windows and doors and furniture all to scale. I am very proud of this project.

Log Cabin blueprint



I chose this project because I worked really hard on it and this was the best mark I have gotten in  math all year.


blog post 3 – my house photos


Working on this project made me think through in my mind what the finished house would look like after I drew it.  AFter thinking it through I made some changes.  The project also made me think in a creative way. I had to ask for help to figure out how join my circuits.  I also used communication to learn how to use this blog.  I now know how to publish text and photos to my blog.

circuit picture


When I began my project, I planned out my house on paper.  I realized I had too many rooms, so I had to reduce it to four rooms instead and redrew the project.  Then I made the circuit design but then found I did not have the parallel circuit or series circuit, they were just random.  I changed it to include the parallel and the series circuit.  Next I faced the challenge of making my house.  I started off with drawing my rooms onto the piece of cardboard.  I was already behind so I had to quickly finish it and finish all four of my circuits.  I worked hard to get it all done and my circuits properly wired.